TecAIRE was stablished in 1978 in Barcelona (Spain- UE) by a team of professionals with a high knowledge about coffee & cocoa processing for the industrial processing.

Our main activity is the production of machinery, equipment and installations for the coffee & cocoa industry, from reception of bulk material up to packaging.

Thanks to our own technology and commitment to in-house development, 95% of our production is delivered worldwide.

TecAIRE is the undisputed reference in “torrefacto” (coffee + sugar) coffee processing equipment and development, smoke emission control technologies and hydraulic powered coffee grinders offering these technologies in all 5 continents for more than 40 years.

TecAIRE is constantly focused to upmarket projects. With the highest technology, using CAD supports and CAM devices, it is possible a very significant improving: the automatic control of the coffee & cocoa process and control programs for the complete state-of-the-art manufacturing control.

It is possible to increase our catalogue by the use of the SPS protocol (Specific Processing Solutions), thanks to the logistic and technical contribution of our Partners, making possible an important international resource in every specific field of the coffee & coffee processing